Sleep Apnea Therapy

Non-Surgical Sleep Apnea Treatments for Winneconne, WI Patients

Healthy SleepSleep apnea is a disorder mainly characterized by intermittent periods where you stop breathing during the night. This condition is very dangerous to your health because it puts you at increased risk for heart attack, stroke, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. In addition to being dangerous to your health, sleep apnea can keep you from getting the rest you need and lead to daytime fatigue. Additionally, many patients with sleep apnea often snore loudly, waking themselves and their bed partners.

A CPAP machine is a typical treatment for sleep apnea, but patients often cannot tolerate the tight fitting mask. Dr. Ryan at Winneconne Family Dentistry offers an alternative – a sleep apnea mouth guard that helps to open your airway gently. This treatment can assist in helping you obtain restful sleep and eliminate snoring.

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