Root Canal Therapy

Patients Around Winneconne, WI Can Save Teeth with a Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment in Winneconne, WIContrary to popular belief, a root canal is not some form of leftover medieval torture. Rather, dentists use root canals for some very good reasons: to preserve badly infected teeth, stop infection from spreading and relieve pain.

Your teeth are actually alive. Every healthy tooth has an inner canal filled with blood vessels and living nerves. However, when this inside pulp becomes infected, extreme pain can result. When this occurs, the problem needs to be addressed right away. If it is not, you can easily lose the tooth and infection may spread into your bloodstream and attack other areas of your body.

In a root canal, Dr. Ryan removes the infected pulp and cleans the canal. He will usually next cap the tooth. In this way, he stops both the infection and the pain, and you get to keep your tooth!

If the idea of a root canal makes you nervous, don’t worry. Dr. Ryan will ensure your complete comfort from start to finish with painless numbing and can also provide you with sedation options so that you sleep soundly during the entire procedure. He even offers emergency dentistry on a same-day basis.

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