Preventative Treatments

Preventative Dental Treatments in Winneconne, WI to Avoid Pain and Expense

Happy Smiling PatientWhat is the single best way to treat any dental or medical problem? To prevent it from occurring in the first place. It is impossible to overstate the importance of preventative care to your family’s dental health. To that end, Dr. Ryan offers the latest in high-tech treatments and diagnostics at Winneconne Family Dentistry to help reduce issues and keep your smile healthy for life.

Twice yearly dental visits are a necessity since these give us an opportunity to professionally examine and clean your teeth and search for potential problems with our low-radiation 3D digital x-rays. Furthermore, we offer treatments with concentrated fluoride to strengthen your teeth against decay and repair the microscopic damage that has already occurred.

Another service we provide is oral cancer screenings. People, especially non-smokers, tend not to worry about oral cancer, but the disease can be devastating. Dr. Ryan expertly screens for any signs of oral cancer to get ahead of this condition.

Remember to schedule your preventative care appointment and join us in caring for your oral health. Ask about our $99 new patient promotion that includes cleaning, an examination and digital x-rays. Simply call (920) 582-4427 to schedule or learn more.