Periodontal Treatments

Stop Gum Disease by Visiting Our Winneconne, WI Dental Office

Healthy Gums Winneconne WIMany people never stop to think about their gum health. After all, isn’t daily brushing and flossing and maybe rinsing with antiseptic mouthwash enough? Not necessarily.

Food debris is easily trapped beneath your gums and this can readily cause gum inflammation and infection. Gum disease is insidious and the early signs are easy to miss. When gum disease advances, the consequences can be pain, tooth loss and severe infection.

To combat gum disease, Dr. Ryan provides periodontal treatments. These treatments include thorough cleanings known as scaling and root planings as well as with other measures such as laser treatments and antibiotics around the gums. With these efforts, Dr. Ryan can help you keep your smile healthy for life!

Symptoms of gum disease include gum swelling, pain, bad breath and bleeding of your gums. If you are experiencing any of these, call Winneconne Family Dentistry right away at (920) 582-4427.