Custom Mouth Guards

Protect Your Teeth During Sleep with Mouth Guards Available in Winneconne, WI

Prevent Teeth Grinding in Winneconne WIHave you ever been so angry that you ground your teeth in frustration? You may be grinding your teeth and not even realize it. Bruxism, or nighttime teeth grinding usually occurs while you are sleeping and can be a serious dental problem.

Grinding your teeth during sleep can wear your teeth down or even crack them. Also, bruxism may lead to jaw pain and problems with the TMJ – the joints where your jaw meets your skull. Left untreated, bruxism may result in some extremely painful issues and severe dysfunction.

Dr. Ryan provides an excellent and easy treatment option for nighttime teeth grinding – custom mouth guards. These guards are fitted to your unique teeth and will prevent damage from grinding. They cushion your bite and absorb the pressure you would otherwise put on your teeth.

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