Cosmetic Dentistry

Looking for Cosmetic Dentistry? Come to Winneconne, WI for a Smile Makeover!

Smile Makeovers Winneconne WIThe human brain is programmed to notice and recognize faces, and your smile is a huge part of your face. If your smile is full of crooked, chipped or decayed teeth, you may feel subconscious when around other people, worried that they may notice.  Crooked teeth can even make us feel less confident about ourselves.  Teeth are not just important to our overall health, but to our mental health too.  If you look good, you will feel good!

Dr. Ryan believes that everyone deserves an attractive smile and that such a smile is obtainable through cosmetic dentistry. Take a look at just a few of the cosmetic services we offer at Winneconne Family Dentistry.

Cosmetic Bonding

Bonding is just as it sounds. Dr. Ryan uses a tooth-colored resin to provide this versatile service. He can bond chipped or cracked teeth, use bonding to reduce large gaps between teeth or even employ bonding to cover severe discoloration. It is an entirely comfortable and relatively fast procedure.

Cosmetic Veneers

Like bonding, veneers are also versatile. They are thin, polymer wafers that Dr. Ryan bonds over your teeth. A set of veneers can provide an instantly beautiful smile by covering chips, closing gaps and masking unattractive stains.

If you’d like to discuss your cosmetic dentistry options call for a free consultation with Dr. Ryan.  Get the smile you want by calling (920) 582-4427 right away.