Pediatric Dentistry

In addition to being passionate about dentistry, Dr. Ryan is passionate about children. As a father of three, Dr. Ryan enjoys treating kids of all ages at the office. One of the most important things that parents can do for their children is establish a dental home by bringing them to the dentist for their first visit. Dr. Ryan and his team are well aware of the impact that a child’s first dental visit can have on the future of their oral health. He and his staff work very hard to ensure each child has the same positive experiences Dr. Ryan received from his childhood dentist Dr. Davies, so they too may be inspired like Dr. Ryan was to be a dentist when they grow up.

The goal of our pediatric dental services is to provide your child with a future of good oral health in a positive and fun atmosphere so that their good oral health continues into adulthood. To help ensure that each child has the same positive experience Dr. Ryan had as a child, each child receives a balloon and a prize from our treasure chest after their appointment.


Sealants fill in the grooves of the back molars to prevent plaque and bacteria from causing cavities on the tops of the teeth. The team at Winneconne Family Dentistry recommend sealants on children’s 6 and 12 year molars to help prevent cavities through the childhood years when teeth are the most susceptible to decay.

Fluoride Treatment

At Winneconne Family Dentistry we use fluoride varnishes that when applied to the teeth at regular dental visits, can significantly protect your children from cavities starting to form. These varnishes are better than the traditional foams or gels because studies show that they stick to the teeth much longer making more fluoride adhere to the teeth to help prevent cavities from forming on your child’s teeth.

Orthodontic Treatment

As your child develops, the team at Winneconne Family Dentistry will continually monitor the development of their face, teeth and jaws for proper development and alignment. Orthodontic treatment, also know as braces, can benefit your child over the course of their entire lives. Straight teeth are comfortable and important for self-esteem. They are also easier to clean and may impact breathing as well as their airway when they are sleeping. Orthodontic treatment is provided by Oshkosh orthodontist Dr. Larry Johnson and his team at our office one Friday every month. Dr. Larry has been caring for our patients for over 20 years. The best age to have your child evaluated by Dr. Larry is 7 years old because early treatment may require less time and money then when braces are started when your child is older.

Oral Habits

It is very important to monitor and help limit a child’s oral habits such as thumb sucking and pacifier use. Dr. Ryan and his team will monitor your child at their cleaning appointments and help guide you on how and when to intervene because these oral habits can have an impact on the alignment of the developing adult teeth.

Nitrous Oxide

Most kids do great during dental treatment. However, if your child needs a filling but is anxious about the treatment or has a strong gag reflex they may benefit from the use of Nitrous Oxide. Nitrous Oxide, also called “laughing gas”, can help relax kids and make their experience much more comfortable then without it.

Emergency Care

Dr. Ryan and his team are there for you and your kids when a pediatric dental emergency occurs. Whether from rough housing with siblings or a sports related injury, you can count on the team at Winneconne Family Dentistry to care for your children when they need it most. Even if the office is closed, Dr. Ryan is always available to his patients by calling his cell phone at 920-242-9225. Never hesitate to call Dr. Ryan whether you just have a question about your child or they require attention for a dental emergency.