Our History

Back in 2012 Winneconne Family Dentistry was known as Dowling Dental Clinic. Dr. Ryan bought the existing dental practice of Dr. Pat Dowling , a second-generation dentist, December 28, 2012. Dr. Pat had been in practice for over 35 years, many of which he shared with his father Dr. Gerry who established the Dowling Dental office many years before.

Dr. Ryan met Dr. Pat and his wife Sue in October of 2012 and developed a close bond based on their shared values of family, faith and service. A close friendship formed quickly that led Dr. Ryan to know that Dr. Pat’s practice and the Winneconne community was the right place for him and his family. Most important, Dr. Pat knew that Dr. Ryan was the right dentist to take over his family’s practice and carry on the Dowling Dental legacy in Winneconne for the same patients, family and friends that Dr. Pat and his dad cared for over the past 6 decades.